Financial Planning: Annuities

Financial Planning: Annuities

Financial Planning: Information on Selling Annuity

This is financial adviser Patrick Munro talking about Information on Selling Annuities. Well if you’re a consumer it’s about how to buy an annuity correctly from a financial adviser who is fully licensed and accredited by the state that you live in to sell the annuity to you. Consumer protection is very important when you’re placing your life savings with a financial professional so you want to check out a couple of things.

First thing you want to do is make sure that the individual is licensed by the insurance commissioner in the state that you live in. To get that information just call the government at the state house wherever you live and ask for the insurance commissioner and then once you get that financial advisers name you can check his name out against their database of licensed financial professionals who are authorized to sell annuities and then of course when he recommends an annuity to you, you want to get those ratings from the insurance company as well. If you buy an annuity or any financial instrument from someone who’s not authorized to sell it to you then you can get into a real problem down the road because you have not worked with the right individual who has sold yo the annuity and backs it up under government guidelines. So that’s how we talk about giving you advice about buy an annuity from one that’s trying to sell you an annuity.

I’m Patrick Munro..

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