IQ option – 3 Best Trading Techniques – Binary Options

IQ option – 3 Best Trading Techniques – Binary Options

IQ option – 3 Best Trading Techniques

Hi everybody. This is Imba Trader, and I haven’t seen you for some time really. Good to be back. Today, I’m with the Expert Option platform. So I did already practice. I did warm up here for a bit. You see there are some zeros, some profitable trades and some more zeros. I break even today more or less, because this is the weekend already and I’m trading on the OTC, on OTC assets which stands for the over the counter. It means that these are not real market conditions. It’s sort* of the internal market where the price level mostly depends on the trades that are done by the traders within the Export Option platform, but not all over the world. That’s why if you trade some big amounts like 5, 10,000 grand, it may actually affect this internal market. You see the amount of trades like 1000, like 50, 76. These are rupees. You know what I mean. So let me switch to the Candlestick, 60 seconds, add my favorite indicators – Bollinger Band.

Default conditions. I’m going to alter* the RSI. I’ll switch from 70 to 80, and from lower level – from 30 to 20. Give me some better picture. I will switch the period from 14 to 8. Not much movement happening here, market is moving mostly sideways, but I will try to apply my favorite reversal strategy. Let’s just see where it’s applicable most. Okay, USD/JPY. We’re starting at the 3200 level and this should work out perfectly. Maybe not the best entry point, but you see some nice oscillating movements happening here. The Fibonacci traders would agree with me. So that’s why I would assume that the price level should continue going downwards. We’re going to see it in a minute. 22 seconds left until the asset closure and then 30 seconds more for the expiration.

So let’s see how it works. Meanwhile, I can go ahead and check out the conditions of the other assets. I wasn’t able to perform this trade. I think because it was the end of the minute. So at this point, not the best entry point. I do expect the price level to change its direction and start moving upwards. Alright, we lost the previous trade. This one is not in the best condition. As I said, it should eventually start going out. So I’m going to apply the Martingale Strategy and double the amount of my trade. So it looks like my initial $300 trade is – maybe is or not. I’m going to win, but we’ll see. Alright, 30 seconds left and I have two trades. My price level is right in the middle of them. So we’ll see. The profit from the first one is going to be minus 300, but from the second one, it’ s going to be 1152.

The first one just lost, but the second one, it was a backup trade, some kind of insurance which made sure that I do not lose the money in this trade. So we just broke it and we’re still at almost 3200 level. Let’s check out a couple other assets. Alright, so there is a clear upwards trend happening here. So it would be perfect just to wait until the price drops somewhere to this level and make the call trade for the upwards direction.

Switching back to the $300 trades. It’s going to be 10% of my account size. So yeah, lets’ do it. $300 for the upwards direction. Alright, of course as always this is the moment when it started going down. So again, doubling my trade amount and proceeding with the backup insurance trade which is twice bigger. 30 seconds till the expiration. The trend here is pretty clear. Even if both of these trades, they lose, I will be able to recover for sure.

You’re going to see it. Maybe I won’t have to. Yeah, it’s sliding just up and down between my two trades. At the moment, it looks like both of them are winning. Amazing. $1700 profit and almost 800 overall profit. The market conditions are not the best here. You see how slow the movement is? So probably I’ll just continue with the trend follow and do not more than one or two trades. I’ll just get ready for the confirmation backup trade just in case the price level drops. That’s why I like trading on the trend follow set ups, because even if you have to Martingale, you know that it will continue going in the desired direction, of course until that trend ends.

Usually, it lasts for a pretty long time. Okay, 576. Alright, I think that’s it for today. It was actually my goal. You see how many other trades I’ve made, but I didn’t get any results, good results with them. It’s great that I just made $1000 profit within like, I don’t know, 7 minutes. So if you are ready, if you’re willing to try it yourself, just check out the link under the video. It will take you to the home page of the Expert Option platform, where you can trade Binary Options without even registration. There is like a demo platform where you can trade virtual money on the real market. If you’re willing to get some of this from me, just go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel. It was nice seeing you all. Have a great weekend and have a safe trade. See you later guys. Bye..

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