Annuities: What’s the Best Annuity?

Annuities: What’s the Best Annuity?

We’re frequently asked several questions on annuities over the telephone and by clients over emails. One of the questions we get asked a lot is what is the best annuity? And that’s what we are going to try and answer for you today, which annuity is the best annuity, and Eric, you want to expand on that for a minute? Eric: Well, here’s the secret, the best annuity today is, just kidding, no the biggest question we always get is what is the best annuity and how do you determine the best annuity? There is no universal answer. The best annuity for you isn’t always going to be the best annuity for your neighbor and in some cases annuity isn’t the best financial vehicle at all. So the one thing we always say is, you need to talk to someone to determine your financial situation, and take that inventory yourself of what your goals are and how to work through that, but then when you need you do determine that annuity is the right thing, it’s how do you determine one, what’s the right annuity and two, who to work with.

Dick: Well, you know we live in this instant society where we want an answer right now, and unfortunately, the answer we have to give and the answer we are giving right now is that there really is no exact best annuity. It really is determined by the individual situation. As Eric said, many times even an annuity isn’t in the client’s best interest at all, so a lot of times we have to tell a client you probably shouldn’t buy an annuity, based on the reasons you are giving us. Eric: Now before you click pause and leave this video, because you’re going what the heck, they’re not even going to tell me what the best one is. Let’s give you a little background about some of the things that you need to take into consideration when you pick the best annuity for you.

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