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Binary Options Signals

Binary Options Signals for 30 Seconds and 60 Seconds – Expert option

Hi guys. This is Imba Trader, and I’m videoing you from sunny Barcelona. So I’m on vacation now, but I still want to share a couple new tricks and methods of the binary options trading. Join me and let’s get back to business. Alright, I’m back to my computer. Today, I’m with the expert option platform again. I’m not going to make the path to million video. Actually, I’m thinking about stopping this series, because I’ve been actually asked about this a couple times, but it does definitely makes sense not to hold such a big amount of money on the brokers’ account because some bad things happen and you never know. It’s hard to predict what can change in the industry, as well as, we can’t predict the market all the times. That’s why I’m going to continue trading on this platform, but not with the path to million series. I’ll do like totally individual binary options strategy and tips videos.

My topic today that I wanted to talk about is the binary options signals. There are a bunch of signal services out there. They have some sharp and experienced traders behind them. What they do, they analyze the market and they send out signals via email or via text messages with the forecast of the price change and the trends change for the various assets. I haven’t ever tried them myself, but I do think that it does make sense to have several heads analyzing the market instead of one, just mine. So that’s why I’m going to review them shortly, maybe next week or in a couple weeks. What I wanted to talk about is that there is actually a signal service integrated in the expert option platform. So you can find it in the trends tab out here. The price direction is defined by the red and green arrows showing the direction of the trend. The trend strength is indicated by the amount of the arrows. So I personally do not recommend using the ones with one or two arrows. I would rather go with the ones that have three arrows up or down. Let’s check it out ourselves.

So you can switch between the assets, clicking on the ones in the list. So you see how the UDS was showing really strong uptrend. It’s just not the good entry point at the moment. So we are a bit late with this one. Let’s check out a couple others, Euro, USD. I think this one might be worth trying. I can’t find it anymore. Okay, let’s check a couple others. Australian dollar, Canadian dollar. $100 for the downward movement. Not the best entry point. We got 30 seconds before the expiration. According to the expert options signals, it should start going down. So you see how quickly things refresh here every 30 seconds. We got 10 more seconds, and unfortunately, it’s moving in the opposite direction. So it didn’t work out this time, but let’s check a couple others. It’s showing me the upwards trend. It actually started moving up, but I’m afraid I’m a bit too late. GBP is the downwards movement. My biggest advice here is to use your personal judgment when making trades.

So if you see that it shows that the price should start going down – okay, let’s try this one, $100 for the call trade – sorry, put, downwards movement. If you see that the price already went up and it’s still pretty high and it’s still showing that it’s going to continue, I would rather wait or switch to another asset because those systems, they aren’t 100% right. As well as with other signal services that send out notifications, they cannot be purely winning all the time. They actually promise 70% win rate. So we see there’s always room for the wrong predictions. We got 20 seconds left until the expiration. After this trade, I will go ahead and try a couple other ones. So it’s a good thing here that the signals refresh like every once in a while. $170 profit, 70% profitability. It’s not the highest one out there in the market, but still it’s a good one. McDonald’s. So not a lot of movement out here. I would rather try the asset that has some significant – it’s showing me that the price should start going up. Okay, let’s check it out.

It was actually going up all the time. Maybe it’s going to continue doing so. You see I didn’t turn on any of the indicators. I was relying solely on the signals tab. So I’m going to switch to the candlesticks and apply a couple ones, the most important ones that I use. 30 seconds left until the expiration. This is not the most accurate trade. You see how close we are to our trade. I’m going to add a couple other ones, the RSI and MACD. Alright 7 seconds left. So this is a tie. We ended up exactly at the point where we started. So we neither won nor lost our money. Let’s check a couple other ones. IBM, some nice movements here. It’s showing me the upwards trend. I think the entry point is not the best one. You see how far up it’s already went. So I would avoid it. That’s why I’m telling you that before going for a trade even when the signals tab is showing you the strong signal, I would also consider your personal judgment.

Aussie, CAD, it changed. The signal is not as strong anymore. EURO/USD – downwards trend. Things just refreshed here. I’m not seeing it anymore. Let’s switch. USD/JPY – upwards trend. We missed it just for one second. So we need to wait another one minute and 20 seconds. If you’re using any of these signal services at the moment, please comment. Leave your comments to the video and tell me what do you think about them. If you aren’t familiar with binary options trading and this is the first time seeing my videos, you can go ahead and register a free account with the broker and try trading on demo account, where you trade virtual money on the real market.

It’s going to be a really nice training which doesn’t involve any expense. Alright, 17 seconds left. I know that things can change really fast. Okay perfect, one more winning trade. It was a pretty good, strong signal that brought us some profit. What do you think? Should we go for one more? This one, it’s showing me the upwards – okay, it just refreshed. It’s not as strong anymore. Let’s check a couple other ones. Lockheed Martin, it’s showing the upwards trend, but it already went far up. I wouldn’t take it. Citigroup – downwards trend, not much movement here. I would rather go with the trade that has more active movements. GBP/USD – upwards trend. Another $100. So maybe you noticed that I’m not taking huge trades anymore. The reason behind that is that I had really bad several days not so long ago.

I did lose some significant amount of money. That’s why I did switch to the proper money management where I do trade only the amounts that are not bigger than 1 or 2% of my account. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller – it all depends on the market conditions that are there at the moment. That’s why I do trade only the amounts like 100 bucks at the moment. I recommend you doing exactly the same. 100, 70% profit once again. So we did have one tie. We did have one lose and three or four wins if I’m not mistaken. So basically this signal service does give us some nice picture. Some of the trades were – even the ones that I won, they maybe were not that accurate but still at the end of the day, the most important thing is that we did get the profit.

So I recommend you going on with the demo account and try this signal service by yourself and let me know what you think about it. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Go ahead and check out my Facebook group. I’m going to post some more videos and I’m going to review some more signal services shortly. I wish you all the nice, profitable trades and I will see you shortly. Bye..

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