Binary Options Strategy: Path to Million

Binary Options Strategy: Path to Million

Path to $1,000,000 Day 4 – $12,000 – Binary Options Strategy

Hello friends, we’re in fabulous Las Vegas today and just in a bit we’re going to start trading binary options and record the day 4 of “Path to million” series. Stay tuned! Let’s get back to business and start doing what we all are here for. I’m going to set up the indicators first. I’m going to turn on the Bollinger bands and make the indicator. Also, I’m going to switch to the Japanese candlesticks and set them to 60 seconds. That’s something that has helped me to get better rates of wins during my previous trades. I’m going to try to stick to it. Once again, this is day four of the path to million video series, where I started with $1000 and managed to grow it up to $8300. My goal for today is going to be not like the previous times. I’m not going to try to double the amount, but I will try to earn 50% of today’s deposit. We are eight seconds away. Probably it should be a good moment for the rise stake. I realized that my first three days were full of risks.

There was a bigger chance to lose the deposit. In order to make it safer and in order to make more money in the long term and not to blow the account, I’m going to stick to a more safe strategy. Our first stake wins, we put $1000 and made $1880 trading bitcoin on expert option platform. Let’s proceed. 10 seconds. This is the perfect moment to enter the market. You see how the candle touched to the upper line of the Bollinger band. This is the perfect binary options signal showing that most likely, the next candle is going to be lower than the previous ones. Whenever the candle touches the upper line, the graph should start going down. Whenever the candle touches the lower line, the graph should start going up. This is exactly what happened here. We put 1000 bucks and made another, almost $1900. You see just couple minutes past, and we are already halfway to today’s goal.

The graph touched the upper line again and I’d hope that this is a good sign that this is the good signal to proceed. We got 30 seconds. I watched this video recently on Business Insider. It was explaining how much you need to save in order to become a millionaire by 65 years old. If you’re 35, you need to save $11 per day or $4100 yearly.

If you’re 30, it’s just $6 per day and $2300 yearly. Another win, ladies and gentlemen. We are at the $11,000 level. Really quick. I do really like the Bollinger bands indicator, helping me to win such a big amount of trades. Getting back to the video news. If you’re 25, you need to save $per day. If you’re 20, it’s just $2 per day or it’s $700 yearly. This will, if you do it every day, it will allow you to become a millionaire by 65. There staris one single condition that you need to take into account. You need to invest those money. You need to invest them, otherwise, they’ll just be losing their value because of the inflation.

I do also invest money and binary options is my favorite form of investments because you don’t need to wait for the whole year to make 10% profit. You can double your deposit really quick on a daily basis. Of course, it doesn’t happen with everyone right away. It takes time. It takes effort. It looks like we are not in the best position here because it’s just blowing the roof here. We’ve got eight seconds left. It looks like we are losing this one. This is crazy. You see how higher it is than the upper line? This is why I just made instead of $1000 stake, I made $2000 at a time, because I do believe that after such a crazy growth, after such a crazy breakthrough through the upper line, the graph should start eventually going down.

Of course, I can’t be 100% sure in it. Let’s see how it goes, but there is a good probability that it’s going to happen. Apparently, it’s not. I just lost $2000 and I get back to the position which I had at the very beginning. Let’s see. We’ve still got 15 seconds to make a decision. I do think that eventually this should stop. That breakthrough should eventually end and the graph will start going down. Otherwise, I just will lose and I won’t be able to continue this series. Of course, I invested much less than that. My initial investment was just $1000. It’s always a bad feeling when you lose the money, but not in this case.

Finally, we get back to the level we were before my losses. We are at the $10,700 level. Let’s see what else we can do here. Another $1000 for the fall. There is one thing that I mentioned earlier about the Bollinger bands and I will repeat it, it works best on the trend less market. This is why those two losses happened with me because there was a really significant upwards growing trend and it wasn’t the perfect moment to enter the market.

You see how we just lost another trade? It’s hard for me to break through that $10,000 line. My goal for today is $12,000 bucks. I’m going to continue until I get there. Five seconds. This time, I’m making my stake for the rise. Let’s wait another 15 seconds until we get the results. There is a lot of buzz on the internet saying that binary options is a scam. I’ll tell you this. You hear it mostly in two cases: from the people who don’t do their homework, who trade foolishly and blow their accounts, or the second case is from the people who trade with non-reliable brokers. The first case is much worse than the second one because you can always switch to another broker and start making good profits and be sure that you’re going to get all your payments on time, and that you are in good hands. The first case when you just do things in a foolish way, when you don’t do it smart. This is something that I actually don’t even have the advice for how to be in this case.

Just like that. We get back to $8,700 level. It’s just back and forth movement like an oscillating line: taking us up to $10,000 level and getting us back to $8,700 level. I didn’t do it on time, so I just waited until there were two seconds left and I didn’t click quick enough. Let’s see the history. Yeah, there was such a huge upwards trend going on and that’s where I didn’t do it right. That’s where I had to wait until it ends and make my stake on the trendless market. Anyway, we’re going to fix it now. Just give me a couple of minutes. I have the feeling that we are going to get to today’s goal without any issues. This is a big stake. This one is bigger than the ones that I have been making in this series. Of course, Bollinger bands didn’t give me any strong signal, mostly because it is the indicator that’s showing the information with some kind of a bit of tiny lag, mostly because it analyzes the data that’s already happened and showing it to you. Basically, it shows you in real time, but not to predict anything.

If I’m going to win this one, we will reach today’s goal and we will be done for today. Another 10 seconds and we will see how it works out. Three, two, one – amazing. Just amazing. This is how I wanted it to happen. I wanted it to happen like within the first several traits without going up and down. We just made $4.000 bucks profit. This was day four of the path to million series. I congratulate us with this win. I’m glad that I will be able to continue making more videos in this series using the different binary options strategies and applying different indicators. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and I will be trying to show you more and more. Take care guys. Bye-bye..

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