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What is a pip worth in Forex? Trade sizes and more …

Hey everybody, I’m Rob Booker, inventor of the paper clip. That’s not actually true. Welcome back to our FX Trading 101 lessons. I’m happy to be here, thanks to our sponsor Forest Park FX. Pip value, it’s the question on everyone’s mind. How much is a pip worth? We talked about it earlier, we talked […]

Currency Exchange Introduction

What I want to do in this video is to give you an intuitive sense of how a market for currencies would actually work. And it’s very non-inuitive for a lot of people because we’re going to be talking about currencies becoming more expensive or cheaper, or the price of a currency in terms of […]

When you lose your Forex broker profits!?

Are your losses the brokers profits? And does it really matter? Now in this short video, I want to talk to you specifically about the broker. Is the broker your friend or enemy? Now, much is said about the forex market and the involvement of the broker. I’m sure you’ve heard those conspiracy theories that […]

Forextrade: The most profitable Forex strategy

Ever heard the term technical or fundamental forextrading? Do you even know what the difference is. Even more important is one approach more profitable than the other? Now, I’m going to discuss this; however, be sure to stick around because at the end of the video, there’s going to be a giveaway that I’m sure […]

How Forex Brokers Work

In my opinion, the entire branch is sick. The entire branch is sick. The entire goal is to rid their clients of money. Forex, in the most part, is a scam. Because Forex platforms are being operated by companies to who you lose these funds. So they’ll do everything in order for you to lose […]

How to make money on the Forex market?

In order to make money on the Forex market you have to buy low and sell high, quite simple. Let’s have a look at the example: How much money can you theoretically make by trading currencies? Let’s assume that you have 1,000 US dollars on your trading account. The current exchange rate of Euro versus […]

Here’s why you’ll never make money in Forex

You’re never going to make any money trading the Forex market! Trust me! I’m a thirty-years experienced veteran trader. Hey there! Now, some of you may have already seen this video that we’re uploading today. And that’s because for some strange reason, the original version had its ranking removed by YouTube. Now, this could be […]