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Mercury retrograde in July means a summer full of reflection and drama, says astrologist Lisa Stardust

It’s been months since the last Mercury retrograde brought confusion and complication to our everyday lives. As the ruler of communication in astrology, Mercury retrograde can cause things to feel out of order. Areas in which people generally thrive may suddenly seem to to be clouded with newfound difficulty. Mercury retrograde occurs several times each […]

25 of the spookiest underwater creatures you’ll ever see

The ocean is dark and full of terrors. The way these creepy underwater creatures evolved to adapt to immense depths and unfathomable conditions is wild. (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today) Links related: Google Underwater Search – Google Mirror – I'm elgooG Want to use Google to search and explore the underwater space? Google Underwater […]

The Pentagon has a secret UFO program, and its former head has some stories to share

People have been obsessed with aliens and UFOs for centuries, ever since H.G. Wells brought them into mainstream fiction in his novel War of the Worlds, and probably even before that. While the U.S. government has always adopted a policy of shushing any conspiracy theories developed around UFOs and the like (we’ve all heard their […]

Does the FBI believe in Bigfoot? Their file of strange stories and 15 hairs has the answer

They’re both into secrecy, so it’s not all that surprising that the FBI waited until June 5, 2019, to open its FBI file on Bigfoot. And what does the Bureau have on the big, hairy and mysterious fellow? Looks like some pretty strange stories make up the bulk of the file, along with, uh, 15 […]

42 Amazing Scientific Discoveries Found Trapped In Ice

Scientists have found many things buried and preserved in ice. Some of these things are stranger than others. And some of them are so bizarre, they truly baffle the mind. While many of these findings are typically woolly creatures, primed and ready for the arctic environment, others are inexplicably weird. Here are a few of […]