Ripple XRP Token Named The Worst Performing Cryptocurrency Of 2018, Among Major Coins

Ripple XRP Token Named The Worst Performing Cryptocurrency Of 2018, Among Major Coins

Oh gee! Look who’s here… Well hello there, Mr. XRP Investor. The time for your reckoning has come… You’ve read the title, right? Ripple XRP, has been named the Worst Performing Cryptocurrency Of 2018. HAHAHAHAHA… And yet, you were thinking that XRP was going to make you a millionaire. LULZ. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? What did you expect from a cryptocurrency with a total supply of 100 billion tokens with possible inflation in the future? HAHA, I laugh so hard at you XRP investors. You should have known, those bankers were meant to bamboozle you like this.

Have you checked your BTC value lately? DAS RITE, you lost so much BTC. How does it feel, to know that some fat old and greedy banker owns your Bitcoins now? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That’s gotta be some negative karma or something.. I mean, you did put your money on the private banker token instead of choosing the decentralized cryptos. In my humble opinion, your fate was well deserved. HEHEEHE. But hey, if it makes you feel better, I can feel your pain… Not really, but the fun factor makes up for it. HAHAHA The XRP token, is like a sad joke… tragic comedy, at it’s best, indeed. To all of you HODLers out there, I hope you know what happens to XRP every time BTC enters a bull run. And if you think XRP will go up as BTC goes down, I feel sorry for you. So naive… The truth is that XRP always sinks down, lower than any other currency, while it also takes much longer to go up.

You done goofed mate… and now I laugh at you. But hey, this is not financial advice… I am only giving you my opinion. Just please don’t cry, when the entire market goes up, while XRP stays behind, eating dust forever. The list of destroyed XRP investors, just keeps getting longer and longer. Those are some funny times, don’t you think so? El Oh El. XD..

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