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Financial Planning: Annuities

Financial Planning: Information on Selling Annuity This is financial adviser Patrick Munro talking about Information on Selling Annuities. Well if you’re a consumer it’s about how to buy an annuity correctly from a financial adviser who is fully licensed and accredited by the state that you live in to sell the annuity to you. Consumer […]

Annuities: What’s the Best Annuity?

We’re frequently asked several questions on annuities over the telephone and by clients over emails. One of the questions we get asked a lot is what is the best annuity? And that’s what we are going to try and answer for you today, which annuity is the best annuity, and Eric, you want to expand […]

Financial Planning: Structured Settlement Annuity

Annuities : What Is Structured Settlement Annuity? Hello, I’m financial planner Patrick Munro talking to you today about structured settlement annuities. Structured settlement annuities are as a result of usually litigation that’s happened between parties where a financial award has been given by one party to another as a result of a court action. Usually […]