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A Simple Forex Swing Trading Strategy

Learn our simple and profitable Forex trading strategy I’m gonna show you how to trade with less stress, less time, and be more profitable. Now, most of us, in our everyday lives, or the mindset that says that the more hours, that you work the more money that you should be getting paid. And it’s […]

A BAD Forex trade is when you lose money, right? WRONG…

“How much money did you make in the Forex market today?” Is it that important and do I really care? Today, I’m going to talk to you about something that may, on the surface appear counter intuitive, but once you hear what I’ve got to say; you understand the principles and the mindset behind it, […]

Forextrade: The most profitable Forex strategy

Ever heard the term technical or fundamental forextrading? Do you even know what the difference is. Even more important is one approach more profitable than the other? Now, I’m going to discuss this; however, be sure to stick around because at the end of the video, there’s going to be a giveaway that I’m sure […]