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How to Short Sell Bitcoin

How to Short-Sell the Price of Bitcoin on Nadex Before we look at short-selling Bitcoin on Nadex, here’s a quick reminder about what it means to sell something short: The basic rule of profit is buy low, sell high. When you short-sell, you’re still going to buy low and sell high, but you switch the […]

Ripple XRP Token Named The Worst Performing Cryptocurrency Of 2018, Among Major Coins

Oh gee! Look who’s here… Well hello there, Mr. XRP Investor. The time for your reckoning has come… You’ve read the title, right? Ripple XRP, has been named the Worst Performing Cryptocurrency Of 2018. HAHAHAHAHA… And yet, you were thinking that XRP was going to make you a millionaire. LULZ. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? […]