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DanceDance: Mining cryptocurrency using Dance Dance Revolution

Agnes: So this is a proof of Dance Dance. This is a Dance Dance Revolution mat that mines cryptocurrency on a private Ethereum blockchain and this was made by myself, Agnes Cameron and Kalli Retzepi, the Viral Communications group here at the Lab. We originally made this for a party, kind of as a joke, […]

What is Bitcoin?

– Hey guys, this is Austin. If you bought a single bitcoin a year ago you would’ve paid just under $1000 for it. However, if you wanna sell that same bitcoin today it is worth over $17,000. Which really begs the question, what exactly is a bitcoin? The idea is that this is a virtual […]

Why Bitcoin Is Not Working

Currency, in its many forms, has been part of human civilisation for thousands of years. A natural evolution of trade from the the arduous process of bartering, where traders needed to find an equivalent exchange of goods to complete a transaction. The advent of metal coins, which had a known and reliable value, allowed trade […]